In the laboratory we investigate perception, attention, and memory, as well as various phenomenons that relate to these topics. One of my main lines of research is moving towards an examination of synaesthesia, multi-sensory experiences, and individual variations in perceptual experiences.

The laboratory in Aalborg mainly focuses on behavioural experiments and recently the Obel family foundation sponsored an Eye-link 1000 system to our facilities. For more advanced methods we collaborate closely with CFIN at Århus University through the Cognitive Neuroscience Research Unit, providing access to TMS, EEG, MEG, PET, and MR facilities.

If you are interested in collaborations with our lab or in joining our lab, please write me an email.


Thomas Alrik Sørensen

Jonas Olsen Dall

Jakob W. Eriksen

Student research assistants

Rhonwyn Bisgaard

Miriam Niemeijer

Sebastian Kold Sørensen


Josefine Frehr Olsen

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