Harry’s New York Bar

I recently visited Paris to attend the annual conference in Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness to present some of our results where we show that consciousness and short-term memory can be empirically dissociated from each other. However, in the evening after the conference and various meetings, I visited a number of nice restaurants and cocktail bars.

Going to Paris I think one of the most iconic places to visit is Harry’s New York Bar located close to the Opera at 5 Rue Daunou, and also conveniently close to the RoissyBus stop near the Opera if you are traveling through the Charles de Gaulle airport – which makes it an ideal location to spend some time waiting for your departure time.

The atmosphere of the bar instantly sweeps you back in a time pocket isolated from the surrounding world since the beginning of Harry’s bar in 1911. Bartenders still wear the classy white uniform and the only hint that one has not journeyed back in time is from the different historical memorabilia decorating the old establishment. Additionally, a number of now classical coctails like the White Lady (1919), the Bloody Mary (1921), and the Side-Car (1922?) have emerged from the bar over the ages.

Whether, you are just arriving to Paris, or you are about to leave I think a visit to Harry’s bar is almost mandatory. Ordering a traditional daiquiri and a hotdog from the bar is bar non the best way to prepare for the flight out of Paris.


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