Student help wanted

Form the 1st of January I am starting to work on my ph.d. project on the nature of the capacity limitations of visual short-term memory. Basically, I will continue the work started in my master thesis and expand on the basic ideas briefly described in that project.

I would like to have student assistants (this is usually on volunteer basis) on the project, so if you are interested please contact me – my own interests where originally sparked by being a student helper on ph.d. projects by Morten Overgaard and Søren Kyllingsbæk.

The main areas I will be working on – at least from my current perspective – will be the following:

  • Visual Short-Term Memory
  • Visual Long-Term Memory
  • Memory Capacity
  • Visual Representations and Categories
  • Consciousness
  • Early processes in TVA

If you find any of these areas interesting and would like to assist in a research project, feel free to contact me – I am interested in students on all levels – whether you are working on your master thesis or you are a first year student.

During this month I will prepare for the project startup so that I can be ready for the real startup in January – this project will be running over the next three years and you can choose to join in on different parts of it if you like.


3 thoughts on “Student help wanted

  1. It is not a requirement that you are a psychology student – there are many different areas that could be highly relevant. I have worked people from other areas as well on earlier parts of the project (i.e. computer science).
    Nevertheless, it will probably be beneficial if you are affiliated with University of Copenhagen – since that is where I am located. Parts of the project would be carried out in different parts of the country (and maybe even at some point abroad), but the main project would probably be carried out in the Copenhagen area.
    Finally, if you or others are interested please note that there are no funding for paid assistance – so this is on a voluntary basis. Which is why I primarily target psychology students as they can integrate parts of my project into their own work on for example a BA assignment, a master thesis, or other university papers.

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