Course Update

It seems that I will teach several courses in the fall semester and I am currently planning several different courses.

I will probably teach two courses at the University of Copenhagen and furthermore I plan to teach one or two courses at Folkeuniversitetet (University Extension). The two courses at the University of Copenhagen will be one on the bachelor level “Introduction to Consciousness Studies” and the second will be on the masters level and has the following working title “Consciousness: a Challenge to Science“, both courses will be taught in English. Which courses I will teach at Folkeuniversitetet is not yet decided, but i will write an update as soon as I have one on these courses.

Introduction to Consciousness Studies, is thought of as a general introduction to the field of consciousness research ranging from philosophy of mind to neuroscience. Teaching will probably be in the form of lectures on the basis of a textbook on the subject of consciousness research, currently I am considering a textbook by Susan Blackmore.

Consciousness: a Challenge to Science, will be a more advanced course that probably will be arranged as a workshop on the basis of a collection of different central and classical articles within the field of consciousness research. This course is not thought of as a purely methodological approach, which the title could hint, but also delve into the problems of the definition of consciousness, epistemology, and ontology.


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